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Jobs based on your activity on Election Managements

  • Web Development

    Post Name : Website Developer

    Job Post Date : March 11, 2024

    Experience : 1 year

    Salary : 10000 to 20000

    Job Location : Varanasi

    No Of Opening : 2

    Qualification : B-tech

    Key Skill :-

    Python Django rest api next

    Post Description :-

    Employers: post a job Jobs based on your activity on Indeed Senior Backend Developer IITGJOWe are looking for a Senior Backend Developer to join our dynamic team. Experience with RESTful API design and implementation. Position Name – Sr Backend Developer. Total work: 5 years (Preferred). PostedPosted 2 days ago

  • full time and remote

    Post Name : content writer

    Job Post Date : March 11, 2024

    Experience : 2 years

    Salary : 25k

    Job Location : noida

    No Of Opening : 2

    Qualification : any graduate

    Key Skill :- Adaptability. A great content writer understands that different clients have different needs when it comes to things like tone and voice. ... Time Management. ... Problem Solving Grammar and Vocabulary Research Skills.

    Post Description :-

5 Years of Excellence - Celebration

Cheers to electionsmanagement on completing 5 years of success! We celebrate this milestone and look forward to continued growth and achievements. #5thAnniversary #electionsmanagement

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