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Bulk voice call and voice sms for election management By sending a voice broadcast to your supporters and voters, expand your election campaign reach. Reach out to your voters and party workers at the same time by running multiple broadcasting campaigns seamlessly. Analyse your campaign success on a real-time dashboard by performing any campaign changes effortlessly on our easy to operate web portal.

Connect to your potential voters and understand their grievances and strengthen your relationship with them, by organising polls and surveys through voice broadcasting. To address voters’ expectations with in-built text-to-speech integration, personalise your election campaign SMS. To keep volunteers informed of any party updates and changes, send them regular voice broadcasts. The best part is that Bulk voice call and voice sms for election management are a completely automated process as well as pocket-friendly and customizable plans, so there are no operators are required to process the call. You just need to set the system with your pre-recorded voice SMS and contact list through our user-friendly online control panel then our system will start calling the recipients and play your pre-recorded voice message. It is an efficient, yet cost-effective election tactic that tells volunteers and voters about the latest updates of the election in a simple way. So, what are bulk calls, and why can be important for your business? Pros of using voice call for the election Delivers higher outbound capacity Availability of multiple languages Eco-friendly promotional strategy (zero paper usage) No software or hardware required Enhance customer acquisition and retention Personalised election promotion technology Pay only as per voice call received Works on both cell phone as well as a landline number Increase your revenue and enhance ROIs Key Features of Bulk Voice Service User-Friendly WebPortal Credit-Based Plan Multi-Language Support Fully Automated & Easy to Use Flexible Time Validity High-Speed Instant Delivery Get Campaign Report 100% Secure & Trusted Solution

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Cheers to electionsmanagement on completing 5 years of success! We celebrate this milestone and look forward to continued growth and achievements. #5thAnniversary #electionsmanagement

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