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By conducting youth connect programs, your elector team can have an incredible growing interest in youth and politics both, not merely in India but around the world. Most of the political groups are heading to connect young people in their groups who want to affect the political system. By becoming actively, meaningfully, and substantially involved throughout political parties and beyond, Youth can change the world through politics. Youth build decision-making skills, learn about civic affairs, and develop a sense of understanding and confidence in connecting and relating to other people.Both parents and leaders have a monumental impact in making youth understand how important helping others in their community can be by asking a few reflection questions, that includes:

Who is benefited by this service? How did you feel as you were completing the service? How do you think those who benefited from this service feel? What could happen as a result of this service? How will this service change the community? To encourage youth voices in other areas and become an integral part of their community, having youth share their thoughts and ideas is the first step.The aim of the election management's teamyouth connect programs or workshops is to create awareness, enhance knowledge and develop relevant skills in election processes and leadership among participants. All this for youth so that they can effectively communicate and apply these skills in mobilizing and influencing other youth to actively participate in the processes and other community and national development activities. Youth is a period of transition during which individual relationships with government change from passive to active, In the political sphere. Reaching the age of enfranchisement is a milestone that enables people to formally participate in the election process of their country. On the other hand, a healthy democracy is one that enables and supports the inclusive participation of all citizens.

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