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Bulk WhatsApp sms service for election management Undoubtedly, WhatsApp SMS has become an increasingly powerful and influential tool for political campaigns. WhatsApp helps politicians to reach voters. Communication with the targeted audience via text or WhatsApp SMS service is something that campaigners can’t afford to ignore. As WhatsApp's massive reach goes beyond a party’s loyal voter base, WhatsApp has become the platform of choice for politicians. As WhatsApp is more private and personal, so there are a number of things that can’t be said on Twitter or Facebook, it can easily be said on WhatsApp.

Why use WhatsApp sms services for election management? Due to several unique features of the platform, WhatsApp has come out as a powerful tool for political campaigns: it allows generating large communities of close contacts, by the creation of groups of up to 256 people Sms come directly to the user's phone, from known contacts, and therefore feel ‘personal’ In the feeling of urgency for a particular topic, You can easily send messages To penetrate rural communities that don't have access to other platforms, heading to Whatsapp SMS is the best You can use WhatsApp SMS to target small groups with specific messages it can allow political parties to mobilise supporters for action to spread virally, it can allow immediate and direct calls it is cheap/free communication is encrypted How is WhatsApp deployed by political campaigns? As WhatsApp has a strong penetration, political campaigns utilise it in several ways (separately or combined) that includes spreading misinformation or defamatory information, shaping political dialogues, organise and mobilise people around a common issue, Bulk WhatsApp sms service for election management used to create a seemingly ‘direct link’ between politicians and voters, to spread legitimate information about party activities and issues, last but not least it also used as a part of professional political marketing strategies

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